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Zanzibar International

Fashion Festival 


Seven years ago, Waiz Shelukindo was thinking of creating an international festival in Zanzibar.

The first edition of "Runway Bay Fashion Week" took place in December 2020, placed under the sign of creation, innovation, sharing of different cultures, the discovery of new talents models or international fashion designers, artists brought together all the actors who will make the fashion of tomorrow around the main issues of the sector.

"Creation does not exist without freedom.  We all have the chance to do what we want; we must not lose sight of the emotion that fashion provides. Designers who often owe much to those who, in the shade, accompany them, like the hairdresser or makeup or stylist ... ".

If there is a shared ambition, it is the one of which the know-how is the object: "We realize unique pieces, made to measure, original.... It is to share our craft know-how and our culture".

"I want to continue the artistic dialogue through the creation of an international fashion festival. It is not only a fashion festival but a festival on art, dance, music, African culture, and creation in general. The whole point is to create bridges between all these disciplines."

26 - 27 - 28 - 29 December 2021



From 26 DEC TO 29 DECEMBER 2021 

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