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Waiz Empire Records



Waiz Empire Records is a professional recording studio located in Dar Es Salaam Sinza Kwaremi, featuring the best of analog tools. Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an intimate setting.
Our studio is fully air-conditioned ensuring that you can record comfortably and stay focused on delivering your best performance.

Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 : 18-in, 20-out USB audio interface can handle just about anything your band or studio can throw at it. Beautiful and rack mountable, it gives you loads of I/O, pristine sound quality, separate stereo headphone mixes, extensive expansion options and round-trip latency as low as 2.74ms*, all in a 1U space.

  • Microphone Samson


​The MG16XU from Yamaha is a compact mixer capable of sixteen simultaneous inputs that is ideal for performances, recordings lectures and more. The mixer features eight mono mic/line combo input channels, two stereo line input channels that can also be used as mono mic or line inputs (XLR and stereo 1/4" inputs), and two stereo line inputs with 1/4" and RCA jacks. It also features USB connectivity and is capable of providing two channels in and two channels out to your computer at up to 24-bit / 192kHz, ideal for recording live performances, demos and more. Channels 1-12 are each equipped with D-PRE mic preamps, 3-band EQ, pan control and a high-pass filter. The D-PRE mic preamps feature an inverted Darlington circuit and switchable 48V phantom power for use with dynamic and condenser microphones. Channels 1-8 each also feature 26dB attenuation switches for use with loud sound sources such as guitar amplifiers and drums.

  • The Yamaha HS8I Active Studio Monitors feature the iconic white woofer and signature sound that have become the preferred choice for countless professional audio engineers around the world. The HS8I utilises a bi-amplified design with an 8'' low-frequency driver and 1'' high-frequency dome to deliver an extended frequency range, along with astonishingly smooth responses and seamless, natural sonic transitions.

The  Yamaha PSR-E353 comes equipped with easy-to-use onboard lesson functions for beginning players, and comes with a touch-responsive keyboard that will satisfy even experienced musicians. In addition to enjoying comprehensive library of 573 instrument voices from around the world, you can also connect an audio player and play along with your favorite songs, or connect to iPhone, iPad, or PC for new musical experiences


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